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Digital trade and market openness

Whether you are trading goods or services, the digital transformation is re-shaping international business activities. This questionnaire aims to take stock of how firms adapt to this changing landscape.

By providing information about how you engage in trade you will be helping policy-makers better understand the emerging challenges that firms such as yours face.

This questionnaire gives business the opportunity to help shape the OECD's recommendations to governments.

The OECD appreciates the value of business input and takes the confidentiality of responses seriously

All responses will be kept strictly confidential and will only be presented in an aggregate format to preserve anonymity. No enterprise-specific or personal information will be disclosed and results will, under no circumstances, be shared outside the organisation.

For any enquiries related to this questionnaire, please contact Javier Lopez Gonzalez ( and Janos Ferencz (

(for reference: a link to the entire questionnaire in PDF format)