22-23 June NCP Network meeting: Survey on topics for discussion (April 2021)
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As usual, in advance of an NCP network meetings, NCPs are consulted on topics to be included in the agenda. This survey suggests a number of topics that NCPs on which NCPs are invited to rate their interest, as well as space for NCPs to suggest new topics.

At the June 2021 NCP network meetings, NCPs will be invited to continue work that was incepted in previous meetings. The following list of topics will therefore be placed on the agenda of the 22-23 June 2021 NCP meeting:

  1. Tools: Presentation of pilot session of online training tool for NCPs
  2. Guides: Draft Guide for NCPs on ensuring impartiality and preventing and addressing conflicts of interest

Additionally, given that the current Action Plan to Strengthen NCPs expires at the end of 2021, we will have a brainstorming session on a new Action Plan. Based on this discussion, the Secretariat would submit a proposed new Action Plan for the period 2022-2024 at the November meeting of the WPRBC.

​​​​​​Please click on “Next” below and rate on a scale of 1-10 your interest in discussing the proposed topics at the 22-23 June meeting of the network of NCPs, or at other future meetings (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest). You will also have the opportunity to add other proposed topics or comments at the end of the survey. 

The results of this survey will feed in the drafting of the agenda for the June NCP meeting and future meetings of the NCP network.

Thank you for your time.

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