Call for Partners: Building a Global Challenge on Trust in the Age of Generative AI
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Join us in building a global competitive challenge to promote trust by equipping governments, organisations and individuals to be resilient in the era of scalable synthetic content.

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For additional context, please see our Call for Partners announcement blog
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Advisor. Provide ongoing advice on the structure, execution, and refinement of the challenge based on your experience in AI, disinformation, public and private policy development, holding challenges, or other relevant aspects.

Communications and amplification. Help raise awareness through relevant networks and communities to surface challenge candidates and diffuse results and lessons learned. 
Surface/provide jury member(s). Leverage relevant expertise to evaluate ideas and proposals to help identify those that are both feasible and innovative, with high potential to make an impact.
Implementation and/or prototyping/piloting efforts. Support the implementation of the challenge and/or prototyping and piloting cycles (e.g., by providing a testing environment). 
Sponsor (financial contribution). Drive progress through offering operational budget, prize money, or other financial resources. 
Sponsor (in-kind support). Drive progress through offering non-financial contributions (e.g., staff support, mentorship, software, compute power, data).
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